Frequently Asked Questions

"What equipment can you repair?"

Please click here to see the complete list.

"Is there anything you cannot repair?"

There are some items I prefer not to repair and/or would be too expensive for you. Please click here to see those items.

"Why do I need a valve amp serviced?"

The valves do not last forever and also may need rebiasing. The capacitors may be old and need replacing. The control pots may be noisy. Click here to see fuller explanation.

"Can you refurnish my valve amp?"

Definitely and this is something I specialise in, particularly for the older and more collectible equipment.

"Does a transistor amp need servicing?"

Apart from maybe noisy pots, there is little/no servicing needed.

"Can you really do 'same day' service?"

Yes, if I am here and if the fault is fairly straightforward. Also assuming I don't have to send off for parts.

"Do you repair other electronic equipment?"

I am always happy to give you a quote if I think it is something I can repair.

"Where are you based?"

In Caversham, Reading, Berkshire. Click here to contact me.

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